About Pauline

   GG Nan Jessie Brummie                                 Nana Syron                             Grandma Susan Clarke

          Barrington Tops                                        Bulahdelah                              Wallis Lake & Minimbah

I am a proud Worimi & Biripi woman with my ancestry belonging to the mountains & snow of the Barrington,
down to the Great Lakes of the Worimi & out to the ocean of Seals Rocks.  
I am from the mountains to the sea.

Country: Worimi, Nurra (clan)  Warringal-Worimi & Biripi (Barrington Tops) and Wallamba (Wallis Lake)  

Language: Ghatang/Katang

Pauline is a descendant of the Aboriginal people of the Worimi and Biripi, located on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Pauline is a self-taught artist commencing her art in 1999 being inspired by her Koori Nanna, who passed away that year.

Born at Bulahdelah in 1971 and raised at Bulahdelah in the Markwell Valley on a farm. Pauline was fortunate to have been raised in a large and loving family who have respected and valued their Aboriginal Heritage.

Pauline is the eldest of three daughters to Barry Syron, who is one of 16 Children to Eileen Syron (Cook) and Robert Syron (Son of Susan Clarke of Wallis Lake Forster).

Pauline’s  artistic influence is from her family tree, her mother Clare Scherbarth arrived in Australia from Hamburg Germany with her family after World War II and married her father Barry Syron  Worimi-Biripi man.

Pauline developed a close bond with both Nanas and from these relationships grew a strong sense of identity. During this journey Pauline has intertwined the oral history of her Koori grandparents, travelling back to country, visiting sacred sites combined with extensive research into the lives of her Aboriginal ancestors.

Pauline also reflects on her relationship with her German Grandmother Elsa who she is named after, Pauline Elsa. Pauline remembers the hardships of her grandparents traumatized by war and having to learn a second language as first Australians.

In particular her German — Jewish roots. Culture, identity and history are her favourite topics.

Pauline is the descendant of a rare and unique group of Indigenous people of the Barrington Tops. This area falls into the boundary of Worimi Country and its nurra is Warringal.

The surviving family of the 1835 massacre of the Barrington was the Cooks. Pauline’s Great Grandfather Jack Cook whose traditional name was Mulakut, meaning lightening was the last initiated man of the area with his partner Jessie Brummie. My koori nana Eileen Cook (Syron) was raised by her grandparents Jack & Jessie Cook.

Pop Robert Syron was the son of a traditional Worimi-Wallamba woman Susan Clarke. They lived at Minimbah near Nabiac on the Wallamba river.

Susan Clarke was born at Bungwahl Near Forster and lived at Wallis Lake as a child. Her mother Susan Mayers was also Aboriginal, she had an Aboriginal mother Rachel Perry from Seals Rocks who married a famous Convict Thomas Mayers who founded the township of Bungwahl .

Susan Clarkes Father Robert Clarke was an Aboriginal man born and raised on the Manning River in the 1800's.

These ancestors are some the oldest recorded Aboriginal people known in the Worimi and Biripi Country, who share the same Language group Ghatang. 

Pauline has a deep respect for her ancestors and honor’s their lives in her art, she believes that their spirit is with her and guides her artistically. Pauline now lives in the snowy mountains (Ngarigo Country) and makes regular trips home to her Artist Studio in Karuah located on the River. 

Every painting is unique, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which has a confirmation of Aboriginality guaranteed.

Pauline pays Respect to the Ancestors of the Worimi people at Karuah and the Ngarigo People in the Snowy mountains.

I am on the left with my cousin Jennifer Keys from Bellingen. We are at Gloucester Farm for a family reunion of the Cooks.

Barrington hut cook

A hut at Barrington NSW.


When i 1st started painting.

Map of the Cooks Reserve on Barrington Road before they were evicted in the 1950's. They had to leave the land as a neighbour wanted to run some cows.

Scar Trees at Gloucester.


Cousins Jai on left, Dad Barry Syron in middle and Ian on the Right. At a Cook Family reunion.

Uncle Pat in Korean War.

My Aunties :) Nan had 7 girls and 6 boys. Lot of kids.

Barrington cook fami - Copy (2)

Ancestors of the Barrington Tops NSW.

Eilleens kids

Syrons at Minimbah.

Eileen and kids

Nana Syron with some of her 16 kids. My dad Barry is sitting on the left hand side.

Eilleen and family at Barrington

My Nana Eileen Cook at Gloucester as a young girl.

Dave Sands

Great Uncle Dave Sands a Boxer.


My Dad Barry Syron doing what he loves, at the Wingham Show Ground with his horses.

Aunty Jill and Uncle Cecil.

Aunty Jill & Uncle Cecil at Minimbah in 1950's. Both have now passed away.

Eric Simms

Uncle Eric Simms of Karuah.