Snowy Mountains Cookies

Unique Australian Aboriginal art
Available on limited edition Snowy Mountains Cookies – Savoury - Snacks products/packaging

If you are looking at sourcing Australian indigenous products, Snowy Mountains Cookies (Snacks and Savoury) can supply premium baked products wrapped in packaging that features renowned Indigenous artist, Pauline Coxon.

Introduction to Pauline Coxon

Originally a descendant from the Barrington Tops, for the past six years Pauline has made her home in Ngarigo Country (Snowy Mountains, NSW) and opened an art gallery where she paints and displays her mix of traditional Aboriginal dot art and modern strokes.

“I respect the place of Ngarigo woman who, through art, tell the stories of the Snowy Mountains. I feel the art that I do is breaking a new genre of art that people have never seen.” Pauline describes herself as a contemporary Aboriginal artist, mixing cultures, stories, and moments in time.
At the recent Snowy Monaro Business Awards, Pauline received a special award for Outstanding Contribution to Regional Art and Culture.

Introduction to Snowy Mountains Cookies / Savoury / Snacks (SMC)

SMC focuses on supplying quality, gourmet and wholesome products and we have been in operation for over 13 years. Core business is servicing the airline catering sector with long term customers like Qantas, who we have been supplying continuously for the past ten years.
Our products reaffirm the authentic brand message, made wholesome and appetising by baking with ‘clean’ ingredients that are:

  • Free of artificial colours.

  • Free of artificial additives.

  • Free of artificial flavours.

  • Free of preservatives.

  • Sulphite free dried fruits.

    Only premium ingredient options are used in our product range, with a focus on ‘keeping it natural by keeping it simple’. We use: • Free-range eggs – inaugural recipient of the RSPCA Good Egg award.
    • Butter, rather than margarine.
    • Quality couverture chocolate – steering clear of compound chocolate buttons.

    • Ingredients most home pantries would stock – we avoid using tricky substitute products that mask nutritional table figures.

    Snowy Mountains Cookies are available in a variety of packaging styles and forms along with a range of cookie sizes from 20 gram to our indulgent 80 gram serve. All cookie and snack bars have a 10 to 12 month shelf life (6 to 9 months for Savoury Snaps) from bake date and are ambient products. For further details please visit

    Pauline Coxon and Snowy Mountains Cookies

    In 2015 and 2018, Snowy Mountains Cookies commissioned Pauline to design the artwork for their savoury snack boxes, to be served as part of the in- flight service on Qantas Airlines. “When you start off as an artist, no one knows you and you just need the right people that love your art, believe in you, and offer you wonderful opportunities – that’s Nolen and Daisy (owners of Snowy Mountains Cookies),” Pauline says.

    Pauline’s artwork has now been the focal point on four Snowy Mountains Cookies and Savoury products that have been handed out to over 1,500,000 passengers on Qantas flights.


    Select an Australian made product, from an Australian owned company, featuring Indigenous artwork highlighting the amazing landscapes of Australia’s Snowy Mountains.

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